Stopping pollution

Most people are aware of the impending problem of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.  How can we solve that problem? Can we just immediately stop polluting or does it have to be a process? Within that process are we going to completely destroy the environment?  Unfortunately, no one has the answer to these questions.

Sources of pollution come from agriculture, erosion, urban runoff, and human waste.  Most people know that the main source of nutrient pollution is from agriculture.  Most people are unaware that not all of the nutrients are polluted via runoff, some of the nutrients leak down into the groundwater.  The groundwater generally stays in the ground for about ten to twenty years according to Dr. Rebecca Fox in her lecture on Nutrient Sources and Transport.  This means that even if we stop polluting and using excess nutrients on fields right now, nutrients will continue to leak into the Bay for another ten to twenty years.

This makes a huge impact on our society.  We are trying so hard to fight pollution, but we won’t see the effects of it for so long that people may lose their interest in trying to save the environment.  Humans will fight and fight for something, as long as they see that their efforts are working and that they are making progress.  If they don’t see that what they are doing is working, they will completely quit trying.  We need to ensure that we continue to fight against pollution and figure out ways to keep people motivated.

If we do nothing about the environment and don’t work on stopping pollution then the environment won’t be here in the future.  We won’t have natural resources to use for manufacturing goods and progressing our society.

Stopping pollution is essential to saving our society and saving the planet.  We must continue to work on the environment and fighting to save it.  Even if we don’t know the best way to do it or if our efforts are working.  We must do something, we can not sit back and let the environment be complete destroyed and ruin our chances of having any sort of future.

We need to start tackling all of the different sources of nutrient pollution and coming up with a feasible plan that people will follow in order to begin to tackle the problem.  Some sort of plans must take shape in order to make this work,


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