Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise is the idea the shoreline is retreating and the chance of flooding is increasing.  Sea level rise is caused by the greenhouse effect and therefore things such as the burning of fossil fuels.  The earth is heating and therefore the glaciers are melting, this is causing there to be warmer water.  Warmer water takes up more space and therefore when it replaces the cold water from the glaciers it takes up more room and causes water level to rise. (Mike Hardesty)

What is going to happen if we do nothing about sea level rise? Doing nothing about sea level rise means continuously burning fossil fuels for cars, industrialization, etc. If we continue to do this then the sea level will continue to rise and more and and more of the continents will be underwater.  This means that more and more of our homes will be underwater if nothing is done. There are already cities such as New Orleans that have to have pumps running all day, every day in order to pump water out and stop their city from going underwater according to Doug Levin.  If nothing is done or we do not move farther away from the coasts then places like ocean city and other places along the coast in places like Maryland will go underwater.  What is going to happen to all of those people that live on the water if nothing is done? This would mean more disasters like Hurricane Katrina in 2005 may happen and many more people will be devastated and their homes and families will be destroyed.  We must do as much as we can in order to prevent this.

How can we help control sea level rise?  In order to help solve this very serious issue and prevent our homes from being underwater we must begin to decrease our pollution and burning of fossil fuels.  In order to do so we need to give monetary incentives to people for the use of alternative energies and begin to find ways to majorly decrease the pollution.  This has already began to be implemented through tax cuts and grants for people who put solar panels on their homes.  This needs to be implemented in other ways as well, especially when it comes to alternative energies for cars.  On the other hand, sea level rise has been repeating itself for millions of years; sea level has been rising and falling in cycles. (Doug Levin)  There will always be a pattern and at some point sea level will natural rise, humans just need to stop facilitating.  Humans need to stop polluting and stop the burning of fossil fuels and decrease the greenhouse effect in order to help preserve the earth and their homes as much as possible.


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